Every Storm Runs out of Rain

Happy Holidays!

I have spent this day in reflection about 2019! Life cards have caused us to become sick and/or caregivers. We have also lost loved ones. While we struggle with those losses, we have won! We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, homeownership... 

To prepare for 2020, I got two more events for 2019! 

December 28, 2019

Every Storm Runs out of Rain Workshop

1-3 pm


Holton Resource & Career Center

When life cards cause us to cry, cry until you are all cried out. While you are crying, you need to begin to formulate a plan, so you can move forward. If there was a song about my life, the title would be, "Every Storm Runs out of Rain!" I have failed at relationships, made financial mistakes, and let my sickness rule my life. I held on to relationships that needed to end, but I was too scared to end them. I limped through life until I had enough. Come to the workshop and I will share my story and what I did to change. I want you to learn from my mistakes and win at life! You are worth it! To register, please use the link

December 28, 2019

ESROR Line Dance Social

2-5 pm


Holton Resource & Career Center

To register for the day party, please use the link

Resolutions that are made for the new year are usually the areas in your life that caused you to be unhappy. That's why I invite you to attend the events, so you can make a plan to change those areas. For example, if you hate to go to work, update that resume! If the relationships are not healthy, then leave them.

Personally I don't make resolutions until my Birthday month, February. But, if I did make New Year's resolutions, one of them would be to travel more, love more, and laugh more! I have already put those plans in motion! All I ask is that you join me on that journey!

All the Best,


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