2020 is quickly approaching us. As I prepare for the new year and reflect on this year, I want to thank everyone for this year. I have accomplished so much and I am truly grateful for the opportunities and the time that I have spent getting to know people through line dancing, friendships, and loving books. I especially want to thank those people that have supported me in the last two years through my line dance socials and/or line dance classes. They made the connection because I was sharing my love for line dancing.

When I moved to Durham in 2014, I was a wounded spirit. I was unhealthy, financially struggling, and recovering from an awful separation and divorce. Although I had changed my diet, I needed to exercise. In 2014, I saw a flier about Down South Shuffle. As I walked into Southwest Library, I was scared because I did not know anyone in the class. When I started I line dancing, I had never done the Wobble, used YouTube, used Meetup, or knew that there were organized line dance groups. While I was chastised for wearing heels, the other people in the class welcomed me and helped me. They invited me to CAARE and my world changed because I became a member of a community.

When I started the socials, I wanted to provide an opportunity where people could come and have fun as they exercised. I didn't want them to feel limited by their illnesses, economic or social problems. I hesitated when I was asked to teach line dance classes because I was not a certified line dance instructor. Yet, I was the expert in the room because I struggled with my chronic illnesses, needed to modify the dances, so I could enjoy the experiences, and I was no longer lonely. Now, I live Fierce and Limitless! I have traveled and danced in heels from east to west, and north to south. I published my first novel. Not only I am not lonely, but I also have dope friends who are willing to eat, travel, and just hang out! If I am in trouble, they are there to help me out!

Yet, as humans we are flawed. Sometimes, we take the people in our lives for granted. Sometimes, we struggle to keep people in our lives who were only supposed to be there for a season. Some of you all have used my ability to serve you outside of classes and I want to thank you for your faith that I could provide entertainment for your special events. In addition, some of you all have asked for my participation in your special events in 2020 and I want to thank you in advance for your support (Asking for your recommendations to serve you all will be coming soon)! Before I ask for your recommendations, I will be sending a survey in the next few days because I need to know how to better serve you. For those that I will not see, please take the time to complete it and return it to me.

I expect 2020 to be an awesome year of abundance, spiritually, health, and financially for each of you.



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