I am the Face of the Unrest!

Lately, I shared two teachable moments. In both lessons, I used nature to explain the reasons for the unrest in our world. You see the first lesson in the pictures. To see the beautiful fish in the murky water, you need to zoom on the image.

I taught the second lesson on Facebook Live. So, let me set the scene. When I added walking to my exercise routine, I usually walk around a pond. At the beginning of my journey, three geese walked around. Now, 30 geese are walking or swimming at the same pond.

Consequently, the more they eat, the more they poop. Since the sidewalks and streets are splattered with poop, I literally dance to avoid all of it. Although a hard rain will wash away the poop, it does not solve the problem- too many geese living in the little area.

For the geese, the number of them continues to grow. Of course, there are many reasons that they chose to flock to the area. Of those reasons, people regularly feed them, and another body of water is not near. I share this analogy because the geese story is the same story for most poor people. Most poor people lived in the same neighborhoods because family members live near them, and they are familiar with the area. The difference between people and geese is people want clean water, fresh air, nutritional food, adequate housing, good education, and sufficient wages. While some people changed their lives and moved out of the neighborhood, they cannot completely erase the memories of their humble beginnings in their new lives.

How do I know? I was one of the people who lived below the poverty line. Although I went to college and moved out of the neighborhood, my current actions show that I did not erase the memories of my humble beginnings. While I am frugal in most of my spending, clothes, shoes, and accessories are my weaknesses. As a child, clothes and shoes were the items that I wanted the most and could not have. I learned to sew, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, quilt, draw, write, and photograph because art was my lifeline. So, to compensate for my spending, I shop for bargains in cheap stores. In my mind, I can buy more at the budget stores. Because I remember the childhood taunts, my bargains are quality merchandise.

During COVID-19, I shower and dress in street clothes every day. At first, my virtual line dance students thought I left the house. Now, they understand it is just my way. While I love clothes and accessories, I also acknowledge the root of my problem.

So, during the Facebook Live, I shared that most poor people are the most generous people that I know. They will give the shirts off their backs for someone who is suffering emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and economically. Most poor people do not waddle in their lack because they do not have the time to worry. They are too busy surviving.

So, they laugh to keep from crying. They laugh because they made it through another day! Yet, they are not satisfied because they still want adequate food, healthcare, shelter, and transportation. So, they push their children to want and achieve a better quality of life. Consequently, the unrest is because people want to be enough! They want the social and economic institutions to give them the necessities of life! And with those needs met, they will be the most responsible and productive neighbors to have.

I know the face of the unrest because I am that face!

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