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What Changes do You want?

Hello, and welcome to our Fierce & Limitless community. I am so glad that you took the opportunity to join us. This month, I published my second book, Every Storm Runs out of Rain! This eBook is a compilation of stories about the storms that I experienced in my life and the survival skills that I learned. My goals for you are to read the book and know that whatever your storms are that you are not alone. While I wrote the book, I experienced several drizzles. I became the author, the illustrator, and the publisher within two weeks.

One of the lessons that I learned through that process was you are never too old to learn! I admit the moment that I published the book; a huge weight was lifted! Another lesson that I learned was the minute that I decided to write the eBook; I needed a plan. So, I set goals. To accomplish those goals, I set objectives so that I could measure my success.

While the completion of the book was important, I needed to ensure that I met my other obligations. While I learned new tools, I realized that I was moving forward. If I allowed fear to get in my way, I would have become stagnate and would not have accomplished my goals. So, my advice to you is:

· To keep moving. Do not let fear crush you!

· To make the changes that you want, divide them into bite-sized chunks.

· To ask for help when you are confused and

· To celebrate the little and huge victories! The small victories let you know that you survived, and you are ready to make additional changes.

So, what do you want to change in your life?

To help you along your journey, I am offering Every Storm Runs out of Rain! Workshops. Join me as we rediscover your passions and develop a plan, so you can live a Fierce & Limitless Life!

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