Need a Bit of Motivation?

How about some FUN?

You'll get just that when I'm on your stage.

Whether you need a inspiring Keynote Speaker,
an interactive Workshop presentation
or a thought-provoking Panelist,
I will always bring a smile to your audience.


"Nine Lives" is my latest novel about a college football athlete that has marketable talent that even The NFL wants. Should he enter the NFL draft or stay for his senior year of college?


Surrounded by death of loved ones and his own near death experience, he must figure his life out. His mother wants him to finish his senior year in college, his uncle is already counting Hunter’s future earnings. Whom can he trust with his football career on the line?

Mary White

Marvis’ motto is to live a “Fierce and Limitless” life,
which she encourages others to adopt as a life standard. She is a person of integrity, intelligence, dignity, generosity and an upstanding citizen living a healthy lifestyle through physical movement.

She has perfected coaching and uplifting the community through dance. Marvis also is involved in community services like serving as a Guide Director for the Health Defenders Task Force.

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