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Need a Bit of Motivation?

You'll get just that when I'm on your stage.

Whether you need a inspiring Keynote Speaker,
an interactive Workshop presentation
or a thought-provoking Panelist,
I will always bring a smile to your audience.


How about some FUN?

Past Speaking Engagements


Sigma Gamma Rho's Rhoers Fundraiser; Facilitator


Bridging the Gap; Presenter


Family Moving Forward; Presenter


Make It Happen Conference; Speaker


Delta's Women Health Awareness, Workshop Presenter

Meetup Event
Marvis’ motto is to live a “Fierce and Limitless” life,

which she encourages others to adopt as a life standard. She is a person of integrity, intelligence, dignity, generosity and an upstanding citizen living a healthy lifestyle through physical movement.

She has perfected coaching and uplifting the community through dance. Marvis also is involved in community services like serving as a Guide Director for the Health Defenders Task Force.

Mary White

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